[isabelle] MCS: Formal Proofs for Mathematics and Computer Science [Last Call for Papers]

MCS Special Issue:
Formal Proofs for Mathematics and Computer Science


  We invite submission of papers on Proof Formalization
  for possible publication in this Mathematics in Computer
  Science (MCS) special issue.


  Deadline for paper submission:           August 31, 2013
  Notification of acceptance/rejection:  December 15, 2013
  Publication of the special issue:             Early 2014


  In recent years, the use of Interactive Theorem Provers
  for the formalization of mathematical proofs has seen
  impressive advances:

  - In mathematics, the Flyspeck project and the formal
    verification of Feit-Thompson theorem indicate that
    formal proofs may play an active role in the development
    of new mathematics.

  - In computer science, the CompCert and L4.verified
    projects indicate that non-trivial systems like compilers
    and operating systems can be fully verified.

  Still, much more progress is needed in order to make
  the use of this new technology ubiquitous.  The aim of
  this special issue is to bring together high quality
  contributions which present recent advances in the use
  of formal proofs and new perspectives on the technology
  of interactive theorem proving.

Submission guidelines:

  Papers should be submitted as a pdf.  While there is no
  strict page limit, papers are expected to be approximately
  20 pages long.  The LaTeX "mathincs" class should be used,
  according to the guidelines at
  Papers should either be accompanied by a formalization,
  a library for an interactive theorem prover, or an
  implemented system.  Submission is preferably through
  EasyChair at

Editors of the Special Issue:

  Laurent Théry, INRIA Sophia Antipolis
  email:<Laurent.Thery at inria.fr>

  Freek Wiedijk, Radboud University Nijmegen
  email:<freek at cs.ru.nl>

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