Re: [isabelle] frequent jEdit crash (Mac OS10.8.4; Isabelle 2013)

On Fri, 23 Aug 2013, Leo Freitas wrote:

I am getting a frequent crash of Isabelle/jEdit with the following error

/Contents/Resources/Isabelle2013/lib/Tools/java: line 1:
 375 Trace/BPT trap: 5


Return code: 133

It seems to happen every time a set of theories are loaded. Any hint / suggestion on what's happening?

When there is a crash, the first thing is to look closely what has crashed and who is responsible for it, and what can be done about it.

Isabelle/jEdit is a plain Scala/JVM application without native libraries, so its own crashes would be just long JVM-style exception traces.

Sometimes the underlying Isabelle/ML process may crash, which is then
a matter of telling David Matthews, who is the wizard behind that system.

Above the crash is due to bin/java, which means it is a problem by Oracle and Apple -- which are sometimes like Gozilla vs. King Kong fighting each other, but both have sufficient software quality problems on their own to work on.

There might be workarounds via JVM options (e.g. Isabelle settings JEDIT_JAVA_OPTIONS or JEDIT_SYSTEM_OPTIONS) or juggling different JVM versions. We should sort this out off-list via private mail, and report the final result here if it is relevant for general public. (In any case, I usually distill from such incidences certain parameters to go into the next official Isabelle release.)

Could send the larger log if needed.

Yes, please send me that privately.


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