Re: [isabelle] Window title and icon of Isabelle/jEdit says "jEdit"

On Fri, 29 Nov 2013, Christoph LANGE wrote:

I just realised what could be one potential source for people referring to Isabelle/jEdit as "jEdit": the title of the window reads "jEdit - <filename>" and shows the jEdit icon. It might be an easy fix to change the title to "Isabelle/jEdit" and to replace the icon with Isabelle's.

Good observation. Changing the default title of some jEdit "view" was indeed very easy, which I have done in

Then I became more ambitious to polish the application icons and titles on all platforms, so it converged to what was on Mac OS X already: the main identification is the distribution name, e.g. "Isabelle2013-2" and icons are mostly that of Isabelle -- hopefully now smooth and properly scaled on all OS versions in the portfolio (as of Isabelle2013-2-RC3).

jEdit as the underlying text editor pops up its own identity and branding occasionally, so users should get some idea about this Jekyll & Hyde situation. The Isabelle/jEdit manual provides further clues about what "jEdit" is (with links to its fine manuals) and what the additions of "Isabelle/jEdit" actually are. This is practically relevant to find out about the full potential of the combination, and to discuss problems and limitations in the proper department.


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