Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2013-2-RC2 available for testing


Am 01.12.13 15:12, schrieb Makarius:
Since we only support Lion or later, the settings for it are now as follows:

  PDF_VIEWER="open -W -n -F"
after changing this to plain "open" it works as I'd expect it. The "-n" option was the one causing the /trouble/, without this the "-W" made little sense I guess (does anything depend on this behaviour?). I also removed the "-F" so I don't accidentally lose my old session when opening my first PDF via Isabelle. Why is it there anyway? I don't think open would restore the session of there is already some instance running.

Two additional minor remarks:

1. It would be nice if Isabelle would ask one whether it should "copy" the existing configuration from some old version upon first start.

2. On the download page there is additional underlined white space at the end of the "Download for Linux " link when viewed from OS X. ;)

Best Benedikt

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