Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2013-2-RC2 available for testing

On Mon, 2 Dec 2013, bnord wrote:

Am 01.12.13 15:12, schrieb Makarius:
Since we only support Lion or later, the settings for it are now as follows:

  PDF_VIEWER="open -W -n -F"
after changing this to plain "open" it works as I'd expect it. The "-n" option was the one causing the /trouble/, without this the "-W" made little sense I guess (does anything depend on this behaviour?). I also removed the "-F" so I don't accidentally lose my old session when opening my first PDF via Isabelle. Why is it there anyway? I don't think open would restore the session of there is already some instance running.

I have experimented with this once again on all platforms, using present day desktop integration tools uniformly: xdg-open, cygstart, open --- always in asynchronous mode without forcing it elsewise.

This seems to work better by default than our old synchronous scheme, which was motivated by situations that hardly exist anymore. The remaining use of this old-fashioned PDF_VIEWER invocation is the 'display_drafts' command, but that only makes sense in legacy TTY mode.

Isabelle/jEdit is much better at displaying the "draft" of source files with Isabelle symbols directly on the screen, and its buffer print function does a surprisingly good job with the IsabelleText font.

So we have again reduced the problem to Proof General / Emacs :-)


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