Re: [isabelle] feature request: defining tuples

On Thu, 28 Nov 2013, Makarius wrote:

We need to strive to *remove* more features that are not strictly necessary. All this is a heavy weight, and some day the system will just collapse due to the laws of gravity.

Concerning the fundamental laws of General Relativity in Software Construction, I've recently found this interesting information about the forthcoming JDK 8:


  122 Remove the Permanent Generation
  Remove the permanent generation from the Hotspot JVM and thus the need
  to tune the size of the permanent generation.


  173 Retire Some Rarely-Used GC Combinations
  Remove three rarely-used combinations of garbage collectors in order to
  reduce ongoing development, maintenance, and testing costs.

This is a major revolution -- I can imagine the screeming of some existing users of the platform.

Sun never retired old things: there are tons of deprecated APIs from Java 1.0 until today. Oracle seems to recover some common sense now, seeing that it cannot handle arbitrary weight, although Oracle is a much larger company than Sun ever was.

Lets hope that JDK 8, when it is released next spring, will make a big step forward (like JDK 7 did over JDK 6). Isabelle/Scala and its various front-ends depend on it. (It is the weakest point in the PIDE equation.)


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