Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2013-2-RC3 available for testing

Hi Makarius,

I've been working a few days with RC3 now. Even if you say "As long as it comes back eventually, it is not fully frozen." I find the responsitivity of Isabelle/jEdit in the presence of non-terminating/slow tasks unsatisfactory. I regularly have to interrupt my work for 30 seconds or so to wait for Isabelle/jEdit. This often occurs when jumping back up within a proof and changing something that causes some of the later commands to diverge or if I simply have some diverging try running on my last goal which I don't care about at the moment.

Maybe this is a problem which doesn't affect "pro users" as much as they always know how their proof will work and only type commands that immediately run successfully. ;)

Another side remark: Where is one supposed to place the sledgehammer panel in docked mode? I only see three bad options: 1. Switching between the output and the sledgehammer panel all the time. Obviously bad.
2. Docking it at the right. The space there is to thin.
3. Docking it at the top. Because all the panels waste so much space there isn't much space left for my proof script, of which I like to see as much as possible.

And one feature request:
When ctrl+hovering over some fact/variable whose definition is currently visible it would be nice if that where high-lighted and maybe eclipse-like also all occurrences in a different colour.


Am 01.12.13 17:39, schrieb Makarius:
Dear Isabelle users,

this is still one more release candidate for the second attempt to make a stable release of Isabelle this autumn:

The good news is that no new problems have shown up, but I managed to find a solution to an old problem of external process management.

Notable changes versus Isabelle2013-2-RC2:

  * More robust termination of external processes managed by Isabelle/ML:
    support cancellation of tasks within the range of milliseconds, as
    required for PIDE document editing with automatically tried tools
    (e.g. Sledgehammer).

  * Clarified application icons and window titles -- more uniform on all

  * Minimal tuning of some Isabelle/jEdit GUI elements.

The final Isabelle2013-2 release should emerge after 2-3 days of further testing. This is the very last chance to point out serious drop-outs.

Observations from testing release candidates may be discussed here on isabelle-users (not isabelle-dev), on the bitbucket tracker or via private mail.


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