Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2013-2-RC3 available for testing

On Wed, 4 Dec 2013, bnord wrote:

Am 04.12.13 13:00, schrieb Makarius:
Do you have the impression that this behaviour has changed in Isabelle2013-1 and Isabelle2013-2 compared to Isabelle2012 and Isabelle2013?
Sorry, can't tell because I didn't use Isabelle/jEdit intensively before.

Does it mean you are a former Proof General user or non-user?

If you have large "scripts" that depend a lot on sequential stepping and easily run into non-termination of some parts, you can try flipping the "Continuous checking" option, e.g. in the Theories panel. There is also a keyboard shortcut "C+e ENTER" for it, which is a bit reminiscent of Escape-Meta-Alt-Control-Shift.

This hand-control is a bit odd, but it sometimes helps. The system should eventually become smarter in just the right scheduling of pending tasks, but not here and not now.


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