Re: [isabelle] Ctrl-Click on abbreviation from locale in image jumps to begin of context

Dear Makarius,

You are mentioning Isabelle2013-1 above.  Can you also give quick try to ?  There are at least 24h more time,
before I consider making the final snapshot for Isabelle2013-2.
At the moment, I am hooked on the repository version, I have simply checked that the same behaviour also occurs with Isabelle2013-1. But I'll see whether I find some time tomorrow to give it a try.

Isabelle2013-1 did not work out so well, due to too few people putting hard measures of
testing on it.
Well, I did test Isabelle2013-1-RC* over several weeks, but mostly ProofGeneral.

You are the expert on getting to the limits of what is possible and what not ...
Well, but I only hit the limits during my normal work; a quick check usually does not take me there.


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