Re: [isabelle] Line numbers vs. icons

On 12/2/2013 9:21 AM, Makarius wrote:
I have no problems to paint icons along-side the line numbers, if jEdit provides free pixels for that.

I guess there's no need for that.

I though hovering over the info icon is what makes the tooltip window show up, but it's actually hovering over the squiggly lines that does it. Sometimes, hovering over the icon seems to do the trick, but it could be that the mouse cursor is close enough to the squiggly line to make it happen. Either way, the information is all the same, and hovering over the squiggly line always works.

A man does not need info icons when squiggly lines exist.

To belabor the point, to show how it was possible to fool a tech savvy person such as myself, if I pass my mouse cursor over a "theorem" with a squiggly line, to get to the icon, the tooltip window will display.

If I approach the icon from the top or bottom of the gutter, with my mouse cursor, no tooltip window is displayed. Consequently, I thought I was getting information from the icon, when I was getting information from the squiggly line.

The use of the Isabelle icon at the top of the PIDE window, and in the task bar, is helpful. I use a non-modified jEdit, and the jEdit icon was displayed for both jEdit and Isabelle/jEdit in the Windows task bar.


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