[isabelle] Assertion failed


I just upgraded to 2013-2, and for the first time got a syslog window
popping up, with this information:

Welcome to Isabelle/HOLCF-Nominal2 (Isabelle2013-2: December 2013)
poly: gc_mark_phase.cpp:432: virtual void MTGCProcessMarkPointers::ScanAddressesInObject(PolyObject*, POLYUNSIGNED): Assertion `baseAddr > (PolyWord*)obj && baseAddr < ((PolyWord*)obj)+length' failed.

message_output terminated
/opt/isabelle/Isabelle2013-2/lib/scripts/run-polyml-5.5.1: Zeile 84: 19418 Abgebrochen             "$POLY" -q -i $ML_OPTIONS --eval "$(perl "$ISABELLE_HOME/lib/scripts/recode.pl" "$MLTEXT")" --error-exit < /dev/null

standard_output terminated
standard_error terminated
process terminated
command_input terminated
process_manager terminated
Return code: 134

Is that useful to anyone?


Dipl.-Math. Dipl.-Inform. Joachim Breitner
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

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