Re: [isabelle] Where to learn about HOL vs FOL?

I'm adding this one:

“What does one need, when she needs higher‑order logic”?

It's about cases where a translation from second/higher order to first order is possible; which may be seen as a way to get a strict identification of what's unique to orders above the first.

Unfortunately, it's not easy to read (at least to me), as it refers to example predicates which seems to be defined elsewhere.

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Hi Yannick,

Adding to Gottfried´s selected readings, I strongly recommend the highly

"The Seven Virtues of Simple Type Theory' by William Farmer (Journal of
Applied Logic 6, 2008.


“Syntactic sugar causes cancer of the semi-colons.” [1]
“Structured Programming supports the law of the excluded muddle.” [1]
[1]: Epigrams on Programming — Alan J. — P. Yale University

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