Re: [isabelle] Infinitely recursive lambda expression or not?

Le Fri, 27 Dec 2013 18:33:49 +0100, Lawrence Paulson <lp15 at> a écrit:

From a computational point of view, "f a = (a ∨ f a)” must be regarded as undefined, because the recursion is not well-founded. There are logics where you could then prove that f(True)=True and f(False)=undefined.

Larry Paulson

Interesting. Just out of curiosity and learn more (really not to use it), what are the names of these logics?

“Syntactic sugar causes cancer of the semi-colons.” [1]
“Structured Programming supports the law of the excluded muddle.” [1]
[1]: Epigrams on Programming — Alan J. — P. Yale University

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