Re: [isabelle] Unexpected Behavior with Sum_Type

Dear Alfio,

I don't think that the unqualified Projl was ever visible. See also

for a related thread.

The reason that those constants are not openly visible is the line

  hide_const (open) Suml Sumr Projl Projr

at the end of Sum_Type.thy.

As Andreas pointed out in the thread above

we can mostly replace Projl and Projr by case expressions.



On 02/03/2013 01:55 AM, Alfio Martini wrote:
Dear Isabelle Users,

Isabelle2013-RC2  consider Projl a free variable in the following

value "Projl (Inl (3::nat))"

To get the right answer, I have to type

value "Sum_Type.Projl (Inl (3::nat))"


lemma "Projl (Inl (3::nat)) = 3" by  (simp add:Projl_Inl) does not work,
since Projl appears as a free variable.

Why does this happen, since Sum_Type is in Main?

I would not like to use the "Sum_Type" qualifier, if there is a workaround.

Also, if possible,  I would like to have a symbol in the completion pop up
table for disjoint union of sets "<+>".
I suggest \<uplus> . I tried it myself, but I kind of got lost with the
dialog box. I wanted to add the mathematical
representation and not the internal Isabelle one.


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