Re: [isabelle] afp_build in RC2

On Tue, 5 Feb 2013, Christian Sternagel wrote:

Isn't it odd that I have to write -nc if I only want to clean. I would have suspected -c to do exactly that... but then again, there is this difference between just "running" a session (and probably generating some document) and "building" a logic image, which I have not quite internalized yet.

The isabelle build tool is controlled by "letter soups", a bit like Unix tar. Certain combinations achieve certain things that you might want to do, but there is quite a lot what one could want. So far isabelle build options cover only half of the alphabet, a bit less than its predecessor usedir.

The system manual explains the meaning of the build options, and gives various examples for real-life situations.

Also note that when you just need a certain session image to work with it, you do it via "isabelle build_dialog -l My_Session", or rather "isabelle jedit -l My_Session" which then invokes build_dialog.


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