Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2013-RC2 available for testing

On 2/6/2013 3:31 PM, Makarius wrote:
(In Isabelle2012 the trace output needs to be enabled by the check-box in the output panel; in Isabelle2013 it is always there.)

Maybe this solved a mysterious problem.

After reading the above, I looked at the options in the output panel to see what check boxes are there. Until now, I've never done anything but look at the output of the output panel.

A few minutes ago, I clicked on the "Detach" button, and an empty "Info" window popped up, and that's what's been happening to me, an "Info" window has been mysteriously opening up.

I'll be typing, and then an empty "Info" window will open up, and my fingers haven't been near the CNTL or ALT keys. I've been looking high and low for any shortcut that will do that, and I haven't found any.

I'll use this email as a means to mention the plugin that has become my main plugin to get a global view of what's in my file.

Attached are two screenshots for a total of 150 Kbytes.

I create my search strings in the highlighter for individual words or strings, as shown in the first image. I then group the keywords, one way being to edit this plugin file:


The highlighter plugin not only highlights for me, but it becomes my main way to get a sidebar list of the different groups of keywords, as shown in the second image, where what is shown is the "everything group".

Sidekick doesn't work for me. I can't control the nesting very well; it's either too expanded, or I have to click through too many nodes.

One flat list with highlighter is better than sidekick's tree.


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