[isabelle] Common options in ROOT


I like the new, declarative session specification system, thanks!

I’m currently writing a ROOT file for a set of exercise sheets that uses
the tags feature to generate both a variant without solutions and a
variant with solutions from the same file. Currently, the file looks
like this:

        session Uebung1 = HOL +
        	options [document=pdf, document_variants="document=+template,-templateoops,/solution:solution=-template,-templateoops,+solution"]
        	theories "Deduction" 
        	files "document/root.tex"
        session Uebung2 = HOL +
        	options [document=pdf, document_variants="document=+template,-templateoops,-onlysolution,/solution:solution=-template,-templateoops,+onlysolution,+solution"]
        	theories "Simplification" 
        	files "document/root.tex"

Can I somehow set these options for all sessions in the file, or define
a “base session” that does not add any theory and just sets options?

I know I can create a wrapper script that passes the options to
"isabelle build", but I’d prefer if the sessions were self-contained,
e.g. "isabelle build -D ." works without first having to look for the
“correct” invocation.


Dipl.-Math. Dipl.-Inform. Joachim Breitner
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

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