Re: [isabelle] Common options in ROOT

Dear Makarius,

Am Donnerstag, den 07.02.2013, 14:03 +0100 schrieb Makarius:
> > Can I somehow set these options for all sessions in the file, or define 
> > a “base session” that does not add any theory and just sets options?
> I tried to make sessions as declarative and self-contained as feasible, so 
> there is no way for common options, apart from global 
> ISABELLE_BUILD_OPTIONS or similar.  But document_variants should indeed be 
> associated with the document session in question.
> What you can do is to delegate interpretation of document variants to the 
> document job.  You merely specify names in ROOT and re-adjust the latex 
> environments for tags later.  You can do completely different things, of 
> course.  In Isabelle2013 document variants are more flexibile than before.

Thanks for the tip. I already had root.tex and root_solution.tex (for
differing page headers), but did not thing about configuring the tag
setting there. Now the declarations duplicated for each problem sheet
are down to

	options [document=pdf, document_variants="document:solution"]
	files "document/root.tex" "document/root_solution.tex" "document/root_common.tex"

which  at least does no longer expose the tag list.

> Just after making the Isabelle2013-RC3 snapshot, I realized that "isabelle 
> document" needs a tiny repair as in the included "ch" changeset.

JFTR: It works as advertised on 2013-RC2, without the patch.


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