Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2013-RC3 available for testing

On Fri, 8 Feb 2013, Gottfried Barrow wrote:

IsaUser1: Dude, who does Makarius think uses the size 18 font that comes as the default for jEdit?

It is an attempt to guess right in many first-encounter situations. 18px also happens to be the size where the font that is used as basis for IsabelleText (Bitstream Vera) renders with strong stems.

IsaUser2: Well, that would be Makarius himself. He uses a football stadium size monitor, and at 50 meters, even a size 18 font is small, as you can imagine.

In my office I do have a huge screen at 2560 pixel width, but that is in fact not so much these days. The new "HD" displays (e.g. by Sony) or "Retina" by Apple pose new challanges to applications to get something visible on the screen. The top-end MacBook Pro fits 2560 pixels on a rather small screen.

For Isabelle2013 I made several adjustments to accomodate the HD display, either with Windows 8 or Linux. The "build" dialog that pops up at the start was really tiny by default. Java/Swing defaults are still lagging behind.

A remaining problem are menu sizes. I did already have the situation with a digital projector from just 1 year ago at something like 1920 pixels, rather than 1024 from the past. The main jEdit menus were very difficult to see for the audience. The other extreme was an old one showing me 640x480, so I switched to 12px font and "Metal" look-and-feel to conserve screen space, and it worked out.

We can all be glad that manual scaling of the IsabelleText font actually works these days, unlike the bitmap fonts from some years ago.


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