Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2013-RC3 available for testing

On 2/8/2013 9:05 PM, Christian Sternagel wrote:
Well, I don't quite get the day trader joke, but the "German" words are hilarious.

Day traders sit in front of multiple monitors looking at a bunch of charts being updated in real time, so they would appreciate of a stadium sized monitor.

My basic setup is two jEdit views to edit the THY directly. A WinEdit window to edit the ASCII source and run macros to convert and then build to PDF. A Q-dir window with four folder views to view the file names of my jEdit macros, which have the key sequence in their file name, and a CubicExplorer window to get around and open files. That would only be to edit files.

To view the math I'm trying to implement, and to try and learn Isar so I can implement it, I need to read and compare a PDF or DJVU file to what's in the editor window, or in another book.

I'm periodically tempted to upgrade to a 24 inch 1920x1080 for $130, so I'll have a 1920x1080 and 1680x1050 instead of only a 1680x1050 and 1600x900. I could then use the 1600x900 on my laptop, instead of the 1024x768 that I'm using now.

Just for the record. I use the default font size on my laptop and with a not so big monitor, on neither of which the font seems too big. Moreover, as makarius pointed out earlier, for smaller font sizes the font is a bit "thin".
Decreasing even more my "chances of getting questions answered in the future number", I pass on a Real and True conversation, where the "real impact" of "Real and True" is much less than what it was before, if ever it had any impact.

IsaUser1: Yo, homey, how does Christian get any work done using such a huge font and small screen? There's only, like, 25 characters displayed on his screen.

IsaUser2: Well, zuhausefreund, it is due to the size of his memory stack value, which is calculated using his font size, 18, times the inverse of the area of his screen size, which is relatively small. If you compare his memory stack value with the memory stack value of someone like you, who uses a small font and multiple monitors, then you will understand, unless your small memory stack value is indicative of your total cognition processing value.




Gottfried Barrow<gottfried.barrow at>  wrote:

On 2/8/2013 9:32 AM, Makarius wrote:
On Fri, 8 Feb 2013, Gottfried Barrow wrote:
IsaUser1: Dude, who does Makarius think uses the size 18 font that
comes as the default for jEdit?
It is an attempt to guess right in many first-encounter situations.
18px also happens to be the size where the font that is used as basis
for IsabelleText (Bitstream Vera) renders with strong stems.
IsaUser2: Well, that would be Makarius himself. He uses a football
stadium size monitor, and at 50 meters, even a size 18 font is small,
as you can imagine.
In my office I do have a huge screen at 2560 pixel width, but that is
in fact not so much these days
So now, to fewer people, it's not a mystery. However, as time passes,
there is the possibility that it will become, "canonical Isabelle humour".

Revisions and improvements are important in most areas of life, so to
raise the quality of this discussion, I submit a revision to the
previous Real and True conversation:


IsaUser1: [As before]

IsaUser2: [As before]

IsaUser1: [As before, or some meaningless variation using "dude", "bro",
"hommie" if you're a rapper, "mate" if you're Australian, "ole chap" if
you're British, or "kumpel", "fruend", "genosse", "matt", "maat",
"kamerad", or "gehilfe" if you're German.]

IsaUser2: Well, it's not just for Isabelle development. Makarius views
many, many technical charts at the same time. Makarius' day job is a day
trader. He only does Isabelle development in his spare time.

IsaUser1: [A user supplied sentence which overuses words like "dude" and
"awesome", and is meaningless, to keep the focus on the last sentence.]


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