Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2013-RC3 available for testing

That info window popping up happened on me, but only after a day or so.

It might be related to a problem I haven't mentioned yet.

After the info window popped up this time, the output panel quit printing any proof goal information. That was occasionally happening with RC2, but, as I remember, the output panel stilled worked in the view I wasn't working in, because the good view was what I would use to make an A/B comparison to make sure it wasn't something simple I was doing wrong.

This time, I had to close one view, open up a new view from the view still open, and then open up a second view again.

Actually, I can't say without a doubt that the output panel quits working when the info window pops up, because when I'm typing a lot, I usually haven't been looking for output from the output panel.


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