[isabelle] jEdit: Fold markers behave strangely

Hi all,

there seem to be several issues with the code folding/unfolding setup
for jEdit/Isabelle. (To prevent misunderstanding: I mean this little
gray triangles, that occur on the left-side of the text-editor box, and
can be used to fold block-structured text, usually source-code)

1) When editing the file *before* a folded part, in some cases the
folded part just disappears! Sometimes, there will be some fold-markers
at odd positions, and unfolding them brings back the content, sometimes
the folded part and all related fold-markers just disappear. Luckily,
this effect is only temporary, if you save the current file, all the
markers and contents are back at their right positions.

2) The folding is not appropriate for Isabelle. For example, folding a
proof ... qed block eats up all following white space *and the next

Unfortunately, these issues make code-folding completely unusable for
Isabelle/jEdit. Am I missing something obvious, or am I the first one
who tried code-folding?


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