Re: [isabelle] jEdit: Abbreviations

What you could also do is install an abbreviation that does start with a non word character, e.g.,

\<alpha>  code: 0x0003b1  group: greek abbrev: #a

in your ~/.isabelle/Isabelle2013/etc/symbols. Of course you would have to do that for all Greek letters.

Now you can type '#a and will still get a completion suggestion for #a.

I'm not using automatic completion myself (I prefer to explicitly accept with \t), but it should be possible to activate that via SideKick options (sorry, I'm currently unable to investigate that due to the "gray rectangle bug" ;) ... but that's a completely different story that I should not have mentioned on the user mailing list... sorry for that).



On 02/14/2013 11:45 PM, Peter Lammich wrote:
You can type \<ga and that will bring it up.
Thanks that works

It gets even better. You can type <ga and it will bring up the
completion for gamma.

... But this leaves the "<" in place for me, and I end up with
  "'<\<gamma>" in the buffer.

I really would like some escape-character that brings up the completions
even inside words, optimally with automatic replacement as I'm used from


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