Re: [isabelle] use for proof assistants and related software


Am Freitag, den 22.02.2013, 10:57 -0600 schrieb Gottfried Barrow:
> (2) All competing groups don't choose to listen in on the stackexchange 
> site that is chosen as a springboard site. In particular, the HOL4 et 
> al., Mizar, Coq, Isabelle, etc. groups don't all choose to be a part of 
> the springboard site.

there is Coq on that list, and if you include, say, Agda, then it begins
to read a bit like a list of programming languages, some with a special
purpose. That reasoning would maybe make the
right side to start on. There are already tags for some of these
and even
so maybe we just have to spread the word that there are answers to be
gotten on SO about Isabelle?

> Finally, someone would need to make it practical for everyone to
> listen in,

Isn’t enough?


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