Re: [isabelle] use for proof assistants and related software

On 2/22/2013 12:27 PM, Joachim Breitner wrote:

Finally, someone would need to make it practical for everyone to
listen in,
Isn’t enough?


It's enough to put the feed in my reader.

That's an example that you can't depend on people knowing certain things. I knew how to put a stackexchange site in my RSS reader, but I've never even considered the idea that the tags are there to get a RSS feed. And the nature of tags is that there can be a lot of overlap, and people don't take the time to tag things in a way that all the information can be found based on tags.

But even now, my motivation remains low to put any thought into stackexchange as a meaningful source of information about Isabelle. I see here a total of four questions that are tagged "Isabelle".

If I was going to make another point in my initial email it would be this:

   The people who are running these proof assistant shows will have to
   promote the use of a stackexchange site for it to become, any time
   soon, a hub of activity for proof assistants.

I present an analogy. If none of the proof assistant groups promoted their mailing lists on their web sites, would very many people subscribe to their mailing lists?

It's a common problem. To get people to jump on the bandwagon so you're not forgotten, you have attain critical mass. You can't attain critical mass because no one will jump on the bandwagon, which leads to everyone totally forgetting about you, tuning you out, and turning you off, to where you've lost any ability to get their attention, because you got taken out of their RSS reader, or got unsubscribed to because your channel was a dead channel.

I'll try to make this my last comment about this. Getting all this going is way bigger than me. It's not my problem; it's just I have lots of opinions.

People higher up on the ladder like you would have to get things rolling.


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