[isabelle] Isabelle Community (was "stackexchange.com use for proof assistants and related software")

Dear all,

in my opinion we have two distinct issues which got accidentally merged in

http://www.mail-archive.com/isabelle-dev at mailbroy.informatik.tu-muenchen.de/msg03860.html

While I agree with Makarius on

> I am more concerned about this wiki here:
> https://isabelle.in.tum.de/community since it is provided by one of the
> established Isabelle sites.
> I would still like to see a genuine Isabelle community contributing here,
> and doing serious maintenance. Right now it is just a scribbling board for > people who were discontent with some of the official READMEs or manuals, and
> even that is often pointless already due to continuous updates of the
> official versions.

I don't see why isabelle user communication should change from the (in my opinion) very well working mailing lists to anywhere else. I did never use stackoverflow or stackexchange myself (i.e., have no account) but of course occasionally arrive there via web searches. Today I read their "about" section and it seems to be mostly their goal that questions get professional answers fast. I would say that is exactly what is currently happening on the mailing lists.

Of course this is specific to Isabelle. And some of the suggestions in earlier e-mails did more sound like building a more general community (e.g., all users of any kind of proof assistant). In principle that sounds good. A good thing about the current setting is that it is focused (I do not have enough reading capacity to go through answers concerning other proof assistants while being concerned with some isabelle specific question). Of course if questions occurred (on one of the isabelle lists or any list of another proof assistant) that were not tool specific, they could be forwarded to this overflow/exchange thingy (after that was established).

To summarize my opinion. There are the following different issues:

1) Isabelle user communication, including Q&A. (I think: well covered by the current lists.)

2) Isabelle community content (potentially, tips and tricks, tutorials, resources, ...) which is currently maintained in a wiki and could be improved.

3) Building a more general community (not Isabelle specific).



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