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Le Sat, 23 Feb 2013 04:32:40 +0100, Christian Sternagel <c.sternagel at> a écrit:

Dear all,

in my opinion we have two distinct issues which got accidentally merged in at

While I agree with Makarius on

 > I am more concerned about this wiki here:
> since it is provided by one of the
 > established Isabelle sites.
> I would still like to see a genuine Isabelle community contributing here, > and doing serious maintenance. Right now it is just a scribbling board for > people who were discontent with some of the official READMEs or manuals, and
 > even that is often pointless already due to continuous updates of the
 > official versions.

I don't see why isabelle user communication should change from the (in my opinion) very well working mailing lists to anywhere else.

Technically speaking, I favour Usenet over mailing list, because I already follow some other Usenet groups, and using the Isabelle mailing list through the Gmane interface, often present issues. A mailing list is not what's the more handy, and I personnaly would better enjoy a forum or a Usenet group (a real one, not Gname interfacing a mailing list to make it look like a Usenet group).

This is just a technical matter by the way, nothing wrong with people here, who I enjoy a lot ;)

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