Re: [isabelle] Formal model of XML with Isabelle: a link?

Dear Yannick,

A quick search on the web revealed the following:
The proceedings of the Isabelle Workshop 2007 [1] contain an XML paper by Harald Hiss, he also had an emerging trends paper on this at TPHOLs 2008 [2]. And finally, there is his PhD thesis [3] (in German).

Hope this helps,


On 23/02/13 10:26, Yannick Duchêne (Hibou57) wrote:
Hi people,

On the page
In “Specification Languages”
I read:

Harald Hiss and Georg Lausen have been developing a
formal model of XML in Isabelle/HOL (for a project
called DEAXS, which abbreviates: Deductive Environment
for the Analysis of XML-Specifications).

But there's no relevant link provided, and the one to DEAXS is broken.
Unless it is private (I would understand), I would like to have a look,
primarily out of curiosity, also because I'm interested in the topic.

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