[isabelle] Suggesting to add common isabelle user questions to the wiki


if I have a common problem, in many programming languages the problem
can be solved by typing it into google. Unfortunately, this isn't the
case with isabelle. Therefore, I suggest to collect common isabelle
user question in the wiki, such that they can be indexed by google. As
an example, I created two pages with such problems.


I find myself to look at my code very often to remember how to
instantiate an existential quantifier in apply style. The great thing
about a wiki is, that you can warn there, that apply style is somewhat
deprecated. Also, I found that I reimplemented filter to remove
elements from a list (thanks Peter for pointing that out!). I guess,
others might have similar problems?

Collecting these common questions in the wiki, indexable by google,
would be a great thing.


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