Re: [isabelle] Isabelle Community (was " use for proof assistants and related software")

John Wickerson wrote:

> As Gottfried has pointed out, the SE idea would only work if *all* the
> support migrates over from the mailing-list. This would be quite a radical
> change, and as Chris says, the mailing-list does generally work very well.

Isabelle-users is quite academic where a general knowledge of logic,
lambda calculus, rewriting and type systems is expected. A stack
exchange site would be the place where real newbies could pose their
questions. Having the SE site need not empty the mailing list, only
shape it to have mostly power-user discussion. I guess.

> Alternatively, one could propose a dedicated Isabelle SE site, e.g.:

How about a computational logic site, for proof theory, model
checking, theorem proving theory and actual systems question? Isabelle
is too narrow a topic for an SE site. There is a CS and a Theoretical
Computer Science section already:

- Gergely

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