Re: [isabelle] Suggesting to add common isabelle user questions to the wiki

2013/2/26 Christian Sternagel <c.sternagel at>:
> [...]
> The Isabelle mailing lists are also indexed by search engines like google, a
> more common problem is that either the question was not asked at all (after
> all, the group of Isabelle users is by far smaller as for popular
> programming languages), or it has been formulated in a way that it does not
> match your search.

Indeed, I was afraid to ask this newbie questions.

> As far as I see, this page is not reachable from the Main_Page of the wiki.
> Moreover, there is already a topic "Tips and Tricks" on the Main_Page.

It was just a suggestion, therefore I intentionally did not link it
from the Main Page.

> I think many answers for "frequently" asked questions are already part of
> Isabelle's documentation. The main problem, as you found out, is that this
> is not easily accessible via internet search (and most users seem not eager
> to read documentation PDFs ;) ).

Unfortunately, almost everything is in the PDFs. But typing the
problem into google is way more efficient. Unfortunately, there is a
lot of PDF and it is really hard to get started with isabelle.

> I think, instead of duplicating answers (which will often be outdated very
> soon if they are not part of the official documentation), we need to find a
> way to make the existing documentation more accessible.

stackexchange works quite well.

> Also the status of the current "community wiki" should be clarified at some
> point. As long as it is not endorsed by all of the official project leaders,
> it is not clear whether it is worth contributing there.
> Even if the wiki stays, currently it does not feel like its intended
> audience is isabelle users (which is partly my fault, sorry), rather
> isabelle developers. I think mostly because there are much more
> quasi-developers discussing about Isabelle than users (I don't know why).

So, I should move such things to stackexchange?
Should I remove those wiki pages and migrate them to stackexchange too?


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