Re: [isabelle] Suggesting to add common isabelle user questions to the wiki

On 28.02.2013 03:30, Christoph LANGE wrote:
Off-list Makarius had pointed out some anti-patterns to me, which I had
used in a formalisation.  So I thought why not put such examples on a
wiki page and explain how to do them right.
I know stackexchange but rather just as a reader so far.  I am a wiki
expert but also know that it's no use using them without a critical mass
of participants.

OK, now I wonder how to put "facts" on stackexchange.  I am not, at
least not in this case, planning to ask questions and wait for them to
be answered, nor am I planning to answer questions in this case, but: I
had done something (i.e. written some Isabelle code), I got feedback on
it how to improve it, and this whole result of "instead of<foo>  do
<bar>  because …" I would like to share with the rest of the world.  (And
of course I wouldn't mind a further discussion thread getting appended
to it.)

This depends. Stackexchange is really a Q&A format. If you can phrase your problem as a real question and then subsequently answer it yourself, this is fine (you can look on for guidelines).

However, if there is not a real question, it is off-topic there. This holds in particular for things where there is no "correct" answer.

Please don't refrain from writing this down somewhere, just because some consider the status of the wiki unclear.

  -- Lars

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