[isabelle] Definition of Max on finite sets

Dear all,

let me document one Q&A here, as I'm travelling and stackexchange
doesn't have an offline mode, unlike email.

In a private conversation I had asked:

> > How is "Max {}" defined?  I find the definition of "Max = foldl max" strange anyway, as there is no base-case argument for foldl.

And Makarius answered:

> Note that it is fold1 (fold-one).  It is intended for non-empty finite sets.  So it will do the right thing under that assumption.  Otherwise it is also defined, but it might produce non-sense, or we just don't know about what it produces. 

@Makarius: Thanks for pointing out the difference between "one" and
"ell".  These looked to similar in my font.

I don't fully understand the definition of fold1, but I'm happy to
believe that it works :-)



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