[isabelle] Installation vs. Download and installation

Hi there,

google knows why I used the following page for installation on cygwin:


I had problems. First the cygwin bundle link did not work, as it pointed to
a 2011 version:


I then found


After unpacking and starting isabelle jedit, it said

Unknown logic "HOL" -- no heap file found in:


Return code: 127

It seemed that polyml is not found by isabelle, as there is a directory
with 5.4.1 in the place of undefined and there is a HOL image as expected.


reinforced this. Where should polyml be in the bundle?

Later I realised that there is another installation page:


and this seems to be a fresher page, having a self-extracting .exe for
Windows. Is that the official page and the other just a leftover?

- Gergely

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