Re: [isabelle] A few questions about Isabelle2013

On 1/15/2013 6:00 AM, Makarius wrote:
On Sat, 12 Jan 2013, Gottfried Barrow wrote:

Isabelle 2012 started freezing up regularly several months ago, and it was freezing up very frequently today

Can you be more specific? Problems can be solved only when they are made known, and described according to minimal standards of empirical science. Otherwise it is just guesswork.

Guessing nonetheless, the ML system could crash in certain situations of running out of resources. See e.g. how to use polyml-5.5.0 with Isabelle2012. It gives you much more headroom in typical "low" memory situations of 1-2 GB. On Windows it is always running in 32bit mode, so this is expecially relevant.

Isabelle2013 seems to have fixed that problem. It hasn't froze up once in 3 days. Guessing, I would say that Isabelle2012 was freezing up at least once an hour on me, and frequently it would freeze up twice within about 10 minutes or less.

The last day I used it, I was getting about 10 characters before it would freeze up. But I was using a vertical split window, which I had only started doing that day. I quit using a vertical split window, and it quit freezing up so bad.

It wasn't a memory problem. I have an icon in my task bar that shows my memory usage, and it rarely shows greater than 50% of the memory being used.

Thanks for the test release. It's working out good so far, other than maybe Sledgehammer and jEdit not working together so well, but I have to do some experimenting first before I comment again on that.


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