Re: [isabelle] A few questions about Isabelle2013

On Tue, 15 Jan 2013, Gottfried Barrow wrote:

These 5 examples give me an error that I don't get in Isabelle2012:

(* \<...>  *)
  Error: Malformed command syntax

All Isabelle source text needs to conform to the official Isabelle symbol syntax. Isabelle2013 is more thorough in checking that, even inside comments.

--"\<rbrace>", --"\<lbrace>", --{* \<lbrace> *}, and --{* \<rbrace> *}
  Error: Unbalanced antiquotation block parentheses

There was an omission of not observing these formal-comments. This is done in Isabelle2013, so for example

  -- {* look here @{term "λx. x"} *}

will have the proper formal markup for the embedded term inside the antiquotation. \<rbrace> and \<lbrace> are part of the official antiquotation syntax, although they are rarely used. You can evade by inventing referring to funny symbols that are not used elsewhere yet.


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