Re: [isabelle] Trying to use "datatype" to restrict types of formulas used, getting error

Dear Gottfried,

--"HOL equal is defined."
axiomatization where
   Ax_x: "!q.!p. ( !x. (inS x q) <-> (inS x p) ) <-> (p = q)"
Okay. I don't really compute equality, I define it as shown above by
axiom Ax_x. I stuck that axiom into the experimental fFOLdt theory and
it didn't get rid of the error.
The error remains because
1. you did not declare the axiom Ax_x as a code equation, and
2. it is not executable as the !x-quantifier ranges over sT for which you have not provided an implementation.

The code generator will not work unless you provide a concrete representation for the elements of sT.

Even after only having made the statement "typedecl sT", HOL will prove
that "=" for type "sT" is reflexive, symmetric, and transitive.
No, it is not HOL that proves these three properties, = on any type is by axiom in HOL.thy reflexive, transitive and symmetric. As you use axiomatization, it is your job to make sure that your specification is consistent with HOL's axioms.


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