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Inria is a French research institute in computer science and applied mathematics with 8 research centers around France. It will recruit 20 junior researchers in 2013.

The Inria Nancy - Grand Est research center invites applications for 3 tenured junior researcher positions (CR2). We are particularly interested in developing the following research topics:

   * Impact of Internet and computer security issues on everyday life
   * Image, robotics and instrumentation for health and assistance to dependent people
   * Coupling and integrating methods for advanced solving in numerical engineering
   * Knowledge modeling for the design of individualized educational software

However, all outstanding applications will be considered and thoroughly evaluated. The application deadline is February 18, 2013.

Research must be carried out within one of the existing research teams of Inria Nancy - Grand Est, see

     http://www.inria.fr/en/research/research-teams/find-a-team/(center)/1166 or

Candidates are expressly invited to contact the leader of the team in which they want to apply.

Among the features of the competition:

   * Candidates must hold a PhD or an equivalent degree.
   * The competition being tough, one to two years of postdoctoral research experience is a significant plus.
   * Inria welcomes and encourages applications of foreign candidates. Proficiency in French is not required.
   * Inria promotes scientific excellence as well as software development and transfer of technology and knowledge.

For more and to download application file, please visit


Candidates looking for additional information about the competition or Inria Nancy - Grand Est should contact

     Michael Rusinowitch <michael.rusinowitch at inria.fr> or Sylvain Petitjean <sylvain.petitjean at inria.fr>

I will also be happy to answer informal inquiries, in particular for candidates wishing to join the VeriDis team (http://veridis.loria.fr/).

Best regards,

Stephan Merz

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