Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2013-RC1 available for testing

The hints in jedit are less convenient  in Isabelle2013, I don't know if this is intentional. For example, if I type \<ta I get the only hint for the greek letter \<tau>. 
It used to be that if I pressed enter at this point it was interpreted as selection and the text \<ta was replaced by the full text \<tau>in the source. Now jedit just puts the cursor in the new line. To select \<tau> I have to point and click the mouse.
Similarly, if I type \<in I get a couple of possibilities. If I point the cursor (with arrows on the keyboard) to the symbol \<in> and press enter, again this just puts me in the new line instead of selecting \<in>. I would prefer not to have to switch between keyboard and mouse every time I want to select a symbol from the hints. Can it be configured in options somehow?
I am on (L)Ubuntu 12.10.


 From: Makarius <makarius at>
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Sent: Sunday, January 20, 2013 8:38 PM
Subject: [isabelle] Isabelle2013-RC1 available for testing
Dear all,

the Isabelle2013 release is anticipated for February 2013.  Before actual lift-off we have approx. 3 weeks of public testing of release candidates.

See for the main website where this is organized.  There is also a link to an issue tracker on the same Bitbucket site.

The main Isabelle2013-RC1 download page is -- although some parts of the text of the webpage is still missing.

Observations from testing release candidates may be discussed here on isabelle-users (not isabelle-dev), on the bitbucket tracker, or via private mail.

Active participation in testing is important to iron out small problems, and raise the overall quality of the system for everybody. The time to sort out issues is now.


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