Re: [isabelle] redirect tracing output to file in Jedit

On 01/23/2013 03:43 PM, Lars Noschinski wrote:

Probably the easiest solution is to use the upcoming Isabelle 2013, which has a size limit for the traces in jEdit (and can dynamically request a larger trace).

... great to hear ! But we cannot wait:

How can I redirect the output to a file?
(assuming that this is the best way to cope with the situation in jEdit)

I think with Isabelle 2012, your best bet is to click "Cancel" fast enough in the System(?) view and then click on nothing in the editor buffer.

... I'd guess to delete the respective code fast enough.
(supposing that "System(?) view" relates to emacs/Proof General)

-- Lars

Thank you for your help (with experiences hardly to be found in documentation) !


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