Re: [isabelle] Evaluation of List.coset

On Wed, 30 Jan 2013, Jesus Aransay wrote:

In the Isabelle development version I observed that the file
"Cardinality.thy" has suffered some changes related to the behaviour
of "List.coset"; more concretely, the line 467 in
proves some results about "List.coset" of enumerated types "by eval";

does this means that in the incoming release of Isabelle 2013
"List.coset" will be really evaluated for "enum" types?

Looking forward for Isabelle 2013 ;-),

You can start using Isabelle2013-RC2 right now, see again

It also points to which collects relevant information about this final stage before
lift-off of the final Isabelle2013 release.

Anything you see on the main Isabelle repository happening now is for the release after it (but 744934b818c7 mentioned above is from long ago).


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