Re: [isabelle] excluding theories from html pages

On a related topic, I find some symbols are not pretty-printed in the html output. For instance, each occurrence of \<oplus> comes out nicely as ⊕ in both the pdf output and the html output, but \<rightharpoonup> comes out as ⇀ in the pdf output and as \<rightharpoonup> in the html output. How can I this and other symbols print nicely in the html output? 

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On 30 Jan 2013, at 14:00, John Wickerson wrote:

> Dear Isabelle,
> My theory imports various theories not made by me, such as Quotient_Set, Quotient_Syntax, and so on. When I do "isabelle build" (on Isabelle2013-RC1), the generated pdf includes only those theories for which I did not specify [document = false] in my ROOT file.
> However, the generated html pages include *all* the theories together. I would like to have just *my* theories listed on the index.html page, and any references to third-party theories linking to their respective pages at Could somebody kindly explain how to achieve this?
> Best wishes,
> john

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