Re: [isabelle] Scala code generator generates ill-typed code from subtraction of n-ary functions


>> (BTW, is the Scala code generator actively maintained?

As a regular user of the Scala code generator for over a year, I can
tell that I am very happy and that it _feels_ very maintained.

> I never heard of any reports how feasible the
> code is to incorporate in bigger Scala applications.

I have >8k LOC Scala application with interactive visualization,
command tab completion and some other nifty features from third party
libraries (not counted in the LOC). The core reasoning logic (> 2.5k
LOC) is generated by the code generator. It is very feasible. You do a
great job! The transition form Isabelle 2012 / Scala 2.9 to Isabelle
2013 / Scala 2.10 was quite painless. However, I really recommend
using an object oriented facade to wrap the generated Scala code
before usage with hand-written Scala.

>> [...] )
(see xkcd 859)


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