Re: [isabelle] Suggesting to add common isabelle user questions to the wiki

On Thu, 28 Feb 2013, Lars Noschinski wrote:

Please don't refrain from writing this down somewhere, just because some consider the status of the wiki unclear.

Note that historically, I was the one to initiate the server (for a different purpose), later handed over its administration to someone else, and supported the plan for rededication as Isabelle community wiki. I also encouraged people on isabelle-users more than once to contribute there.

My complaints about the wiki only started when it was used for internal administrative information about the hard process to keep Isabelle running. (You are in fact yourself one of the very few people involved in that administration.)

What is also depressing for me is to see old emails of mine from isabelle-dev (about Isabelle build) pasted there out-of-context. In the meantime I had spent several weeks to update Isabelle READMEs and manuals to cover the new build tool. Instead of pointing out omissions in the published documentation, there is this cloning of outdated information.


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