Re: [isabelle] Suggesting to add common isabelle user questions to the wiki

On Thu, 28 Feb 2013, Lars Noschinski wrote:

Whether this is on the wiki or an services like stackexchange[1], I don't really care.

stackexchange works quite well.

Currently, of the stackexchange sites, would be the site where questions to using Isabelle are on-topic.

You are actually one of those few who have answered questions under the "isabelle" tag on stackexchange already.

I have started looking myself yesterday. I do see a difference in the structure compared to raw wiki (MediaWiki) -- which is indeed old-fashioned as was pointed out before this thread was moved from isabelle-dev to isabelle-users.

Stackexchange is not just this chaotic editing by anyone, and later the reader needs to sort out archeological layers himself, to learn who said what at some point in history, and how relevant or trustworthy the information. It has a little bit of organization of these layers of editing, voting up or down etc.

Of course, I can hardly say how it works out in practice, being there member for less than 24 h, but my first impressions are quite good. Yesterday I was at 1 point reputation and had 1 bronce badge (for reading the introductory documentation). Just looking again I've already got +30 points and a "teacher" badge. So I won't have to go out and slay some monsters in this game, to get more points :-)


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