Re: [isabelle] two issues with Isabelle2013 on mac

On Thu, 28 Feb 2013, John Wickerson wrote:

Here are two (fairly minor) problems when running Isabelle2013 on Mac OS (10.7.5 in my case):

-- When Isabelle is running, there are *two* icons in the dock: the Isabelle icon (which doesn't seem to correspond to any windows) and the jEdit icon. It would be ever-so-slightly nicer just to have one.

-- When Isabelle is *not* running, I can double-click a theory file in Finder, and it will happily launch Isabelle and open that theory. But when Isabelle *is* already running, nothing happens when I double-click a theory file in Finder. It would be slightly nicer not to have always to use the jEdit "Open" menu.

I read this as an observation that everything works just fine, and you did not have any serious crashes as others had with Oracle's Java 7 on Apple's operating system. The two huge software companies are lagging a bit behind in stability of their respective platforms.

The above two aspects are a consequence of using Platypus to wrap up Isabelle shell scripts as .app There more native ways to do that for JVM applications, and I have started exploring them again this week.

There is also a conclict with Proof General / Emacs here: the .app has to serve both, and Isabelle/jEdit moving forward boldly would leave the old one behind.


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