Re: [isabelle] syntax highlighting on stackoverflow

On Wed, 13 Mar 2013, Gottfried Barrow wrote:

Subject wise, Isabelle is closer to what's on, which has LaTeX.

I've already spent some time looking around several sites, just see my profile at SE. For the majority of technical questions around Isabelle, stackoverflow tag "isabelle" looks like the right place.

On "Computer Science" and "Theoretical Computer Science" there are some more conceptual topics covered under "proof-assistants", for example. Someone made a "coq" tag there, but I found it odd and did not imitate it.

I find it more difficult to get into, although its "logic" tag is a starting point.

What is also interesting is the "interdisciplinary" and "multi-cultural" aspect of SE: e.g. someone asking under "isabelle" and "scala" will make Scala people aware of what can be done with Isabelle, which they did not know before. (This has already happened in the past few days.)

I also hope to see more people learning from the different provers, not just "my prover is best and the only thing I need to know".

People can disregard all this. Perception is the limiting factor, culture determines perception, and the police on the different sites enforce the culture.

I am unsure what you mean by police. So far I found myself received rather well, e.g. I've earned several +2 points for brushing up some if the tag wikis.

The maintenance men at stackoverflow never sleep, though. When you start editing wildly, a certain automated review system becomes alert, and 5 experienced stack-exchangers will vote thumbs up or thumbs down for your proposal. That way you can also loose points.

There is also a special review system for contributions by fresh users.


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