Re: [isabelle] Isabelle/jEdit: can anybody else reproduce

On 21 March 2013 06:13, Matthew Fernandez
<matthew.fernandez at> wrote:
> I have a similar issue [0], that Makarius has indicated is an interaction between Xmonad and this version of the JDK. However, unlike Christian's problem mine is consistently reproducible. Interestingly I have had no issues with other Java apps on this JDK or with standalone jEdit, but this may just be coincidence.
> [0]:

Dear Matthew,

I think I have had the same problem as you - are you using the latest
version of xmonad from the darcs repository? I think most of the input
and focus issues with xmonad and Isabelle/jEdit are related to this
bug in xmonad:

This bug was fixed very recently in the latest development versions,
and upgrading solved all my jEdit issues (bar the standard java not
playing nicely with non-reparenting window manager problems).


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