[isabelle] Rollout Elbe 1.65

Good Morning Isabelle,

now there is a new, updated and improved version of the  formal languages tool Elbe for Windows, which contains some features to assist Isabelle development. [It works fine on XP and a fast machine, less good on Win 7 and a slow machine.]

The last weeks were filled up with detecting bugs, analysing and removing them and I can say, that software reveals the Reverse Heisenberg Principle, which means that the closer you look at it, the more details (and maybe bugs) can be discovered. One problem lies in the components used from the underlying operating system, of which the most important ones are the Richedit visual component (Word editor) and the Cmd processor. [These sometimes only work if a time delay is built in.].

The new features are
* files far above 1 MB can be viewed and edited
* navigation per tree view has been enhanced
* automatic internet update to future versions works
* a file's position and navigation sort is stored (up to 20 files)
* full Unicode support for Isabelle characters via mouse menu
* aiming at industrial strength property (CMMI >4) now
* ...
Although I use the tool for my own purposes (Jsp, Java, Delphi, ...) and am convinced of it's usefulness I am not sure of what the community will say about it, so please tell me your opinion!

Have a happy Easter

The tool is restricted to small file sizes after an evaluation period. If you would like to use it afterwards you can simple request a free academic license if you have got an email address which shows you membership of a university in it's name (e.g. name at uni* or name at *.edu ...). It is done in the menu of the tool. Commercial licenses are not yet available.


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