Re: [isabelle] Release issue tracker no longer public

On Fri, 26 Apr 2013, Matthew Fernandez wrote:

I can't seem to view the issues for the release repo [0] any more. Is
this intentional?



I intended to switch it into read-only mode, but Bitbucket only allows to make it public or private, without fine-grained access control.

The idea of the tracker was to see how this works out for the critical weeks before a stable release. De-facto it turned out to be just an extension of my personal mail folder, although with some tendency of reduced attention of what was going on there -- sometimes I also forgot to subscribe to items where that was not automatic.

Consequently, some important issues like Fedora 18 playing against Java 7 did not get the full public attention that they deserved. The issue came up again on the mailing list here, but too late for the Isabelle2013 release.

It is still to be seen if the tracker will come back for the next pre-release stage.


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